Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Number 21

On Saturday, October 18, 
Nathan became the
          honorary captain of the 13 yr old's football team for Olympus High School---Yay! Nathan!
                        He was able to go out and even call the coin toss!
                                                               He is so proud of himself!
                                                                     and his teammates!
                                                                       cheering them on!
                                                         deep in thought ( and getting a little tired)
                                                   This is Mica Moseley who made it all happen...
                                                                        Father and son...
                                                 Even the flag guys and refs called him by name
                                                                       What a face!
                                                  When they'd break they'd say "1,2,3 NATHAN"!
                                                         Adam Sandler better watch out!
                                             One of the boys said " I've never met anyone as
                                                neat as you Nathan"
                                             At the end of the game, pictures for everyone.  The coach didn't
                                    know it but the #21 is significant because Down Syndrome is Trisomy 21,
                                     and then the score ended up being 21 to nothing ---for our team!
                                           The whole team including coaches signed a football for Nathan
                                                and he has made a lot of new,cool friends now!

For more pictures of our number 21 check out :  Oly vs Herriman


  1. So cute! What a kid! I'm glad he is having that opportunity- that's awesome!

  2. That entire post made me so happy!!! I love that he was able to do something so special. He is such cute kid. I'm sure that meant so much to him and to your family. I love all the pictures, they are priceless!! Tell him his cousin Heather is so proud of him and thinks that he is one cool dude!!!

  3. i love this so so so much! I love that finally something is on your blog and I love these photos. When I looked through them the other day they made me grin so wide. Oh I miss that boy soooo much it hurts.

  4. Love it!! Totally did my heart good to read this and see the pics! When I played b-ball my number was 21...no coincidence.

  5. Oh Karen, this brought tears to my eyes! What an awesome experience for Nathan. The pictures speak for themselves showing that Nathan LOVED IT! That first picture is awesome.

  6. I LOVE IT!!! I love that he was able to be apart of that and what an amazing experiance for everyone involved! I had goose bumps, laughed and cried!! I love NATHAN! .....what an amazing day for him and you guys! love ya

  7. I absolutely love Nathan! Always a smile on his face, with such a big heart! These pictures are great. What a wonderful experience!