Wednesday, March 7, 2012

That's Our Nathan!

So in 2 weeks our Nathan will become a TEENAGER! Watch out!

This kid is so FULL of it lately. Yesterday when he was brushing his teeth before school, I went in to see what was taking so long. To my surprise I found him with a neatly drawn mustache and highlighted eyebrows! Apparently, he can't WAIT for the hair to come in and so he has taken it upon himself to enhance his appearance to look older and more sophisticated. The funny thing is, I TRY to get Ashley to wear makeup to no avail, and yet it is MY SON that chooses to use my makeup, go figure.

Last night as I was reading him a book (which by the way, I think must be a glimpse of heaven being able to read to your kids nightly), the book mentioned some dogs in Alaska. I asked him if he knew who lived in Alaska. I said, "Aunt_____" and he said, "Aunt-Moroni!" Now, it was suppose to be Aunt Cindy (Joe's sister), I am really not sure where he got Moroni from. Also, before he went to bed he was brushing his teeth (no makeup this time) and the water wouldn't shut off all the way. He kept saying we needed something but I couldn't understand him at first. Finally I figured out what he said. He said we needed an ENGINEER to fix the faucet. I told him we needed a plumber. He looked at me and said," A bummer?"

I'm sure I've shared this bit with some of you but for those that I haven't here goes. Last summer we went to the park and we were sitting there having our lunch on the grass. I noticed how he was getting dark hair on his legs and so I said to him, "Nathan,you know what that means, you're turning into a man" and without missing a beat he said, "well, what's HIS name?"

So he can get into all sorts of trouble, like going outside the other day and eating snow like a dog (we're talking gross, old dirty snow!) and drinking water out of the toilet, I could go on and on. But then there are times like the picture below where he falls asleep "reading" his scriptures.

I've always said it's a good thing he's so cute!


  1. He is definately so cute! What a funny guy- he's a crack up! Love ya!

  2. bhahahaha! what a jokester! and I LOVE that photo of him.

  3. love this little guy! such a perfect spirit! And that smile of his just melts my heart!