Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An Inspired Idea

Tuesday night for our relief society meeting, our president was truly inspired to have all of
us women, whether we were serving in the primary or young women organizations or relief society to get
together over dinner and start reading the Book of Mormon as a ward relief society.

What a wonderful idea and to start the meeting out she had copied and shrunk Elder Holland's talk
from October conference onto a piece of paper that we could then fold up and carry with us in our scriptures. If you remember, this is the talk where he PROFESSED his belief in the BOOK OF MORMON and without a doubt the truthfulness of it. It was one of the most outstanding talks I have ever heard in conference or anywhere and I will never forget it.

The Young Women of the church have been asked to add another value which is VIRTUE and for them to pass this off THEY need to read the Book of Mormon also. This gives us as mothers, the opportunity to read this incredible truth and divine witness of Jesus Christ with our daughters.

If we but read 10 minutes a day, we as sisters and daughters will have read the Book of Mormon in 6 months from now. Just 10 minutes a day.

We will meet in 6 months and have a dinner again and discuss what we have learned and share our experiences with each other.


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  1. That's neat. I made a goal in April to read the Book of Mormon by October conference. I didn't make it--I'm in 3 Nephi. But I will be done by Christmas. And when I'm done I'm excited to start all over again. Every time I read it there is so much more to learn!