Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our Daughter, the Poet

So Ashley is growing up in so many ways. The other day she came home with a poetry
book that her class had put together for creative writing. I wanted to share some of her poems because Joe and I are amazed at the little baby we thought wouldn't make it
has turned into such a beautiful, talented young woman.

My Brothers(rhyme-alliteration)

I see my brothers

Bowling and making weird

Shots like no others.

There the ones I did fight my

Bragging bad strange brothers

Are fighting, biting, screaming, crazy.

They go to the bar and listen to the beaters.

Ashley Post

I'm Ashley Post who is good at sports.

I like playing goaley at indoor soccer.

I like to hang out

With friends every Saturday

I like doing art and drawing

Dragons and making it fun.

The Flower(haiku)

Flower growing huge

Water flowing actively

Flowing in the flower.

THE CITY(haiku)

Glowing, sparkling place

With big buildings towering

Lively active town.

She's come a long way, and I love her so much. I am truly blessed to be
her mother.

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  1. She really is a little miracle isn't she. I'm so glad that you have her and that she has grown up and suprised us all. We love her too. I'm sure that having you and Joe as parents has a lot to do with the person she has become.