Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday" DODEE POS!"

Well, at least that's what Jenny used to call Joey back when she was just 2 0r 3 years old and Joey and I were dating! She referred to me as "KADEN."

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday) to my one and only who I've know for 33 years and been
married to for 25! He's put up with me through thick and thin (of which I am
more THICK than THIN now) and we have gone through many trials together.
There's nothing better than marrying your BEST FRIEND, I thoroughly recommend this to
We laugh, we cry, we have rough times, we have good times. We have 7 wonderful children now (yes, Euan and Annie, you are one of ours now, like it or not!)
I am very blessed to have such a great husband and father of my children.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE,JOEY,JOSEPH,NEWT---from your darker half!

One of these days I will learn how to "post" pictures and get a scanner so I can
put great shots on here to make this blog so much more exciting for one and all!
Until then, imagine a cool photo of Joe fly fishing here on the Provo...

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  1. Happy Birthday Joe!!! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you. You are such a wonderful person and a great uncle. We are happy every time we get to see you. Love ya!