Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!"

So our sweet Ashley fell while walking home with a friend from church on Sunday afternoon.
She scraped her right knee pretty bad and twisted her left ankle, but I had no idea of this as Nathan and I drove right past her and her friend and she seemed fine, that is, until she got inside our house and the weeping and wailing began.
Ashley is a very "sensitive" young woman, with a very LOW pain tolerance. We bandaged her up but she was certain she had broken something. That night her Dad and Uncle Tom and her brother Joe were to sing in a stake fireside and so they were at our house to practice. She wanted a blessing and so she had her Dad anoint and Joe give her a blessing along with her Dad and Tom. How wonderful is it to have our son be able to give her a special blessing. Thank you Joe.
Yesterday we dug out our old metal crutches from the garage to help her get around and by last night she insisted that I take her into the doctor's office. We had reassured her that it was probably just a sprain and that Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation was all she needed. She has never listened to us before though, so why should she now. Of course nothing was broken, he didn't he feel she needed an x-ray. It was actually a STRAIN, rather than a sprain, and he recommended an air splint to help it heal.
Today, after driving around several places,(always call first) we finally found a place that carried said splint. As we were leaving the Ortho Med store Ashley said to me "See Mom, they even sell crutches here!" I turned to here and said "Yeah, but they're probably not as old as ours, ours are as old as the war!" She said "Really? You mean they were GRANDPA'S?" Of course I just started laughing but dear Ashley didn''t get it---she really figured since Grandpa had been in the war and since our crutches were old they must be his.
Wish us luck as she heads back to school tomorrow!


  1. Poor Ashley, I'm glad too that Joe was able to give her a blessing. That is nice that she thinks to ask for one. I hope that she heals quickly. Poor Carter had another migraine Monday night, it makes me feel so bad. Thanks for the Mothers Day card. I never got a chance to thank you. It was really nice to get it and I really appreciate all of your love and concern. Love ya.

  2. That girl has been through so much in her life! Give her hugs and kisses from the Madsens.