Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Hello Blog Readers! This is Joe at the keyboard with my first entry to our "family" blog. I only say it that way as you are all well aware that Karen has done all of the entries to this point. So since there was a milestone in our lives this last week, and I had no where else to express some feelings about it, I thought I would give this a try.
Last week on the 25th of May, it was the 30th anniversary of our brother John's death. Not a very fun thing to remember, but it is something I will never forget.
He was on a boating trip down the Green River with a large group of other boaters on what is called the "friendship cruise", which is an annual event that takes place over the memorial day weekend. A large group of boats, many are the kind you would consider ski boats like the ones on the local lakes in Utah, start at Green River, Utah and head down river to the confluence where the mighty Colorado river meets up with it. They then turn up the Colorado and head to Moab to complete the trip.
Well, at the confluence the boat that John was in capsized. All four in the boat went in the water, 3 were saved by rescue boats, John went under in a rapid and never came back up. His body wasn't found for 13 days, some 10+ miles downriver in cataract canyon.
Sucks, eh?
The emotions of that experience seem to flood back in to my soul each year at this time. He was almost 25 years old and left behind his wife and toddler son, John Adam. I pray for John Adam constantly that he can feel of the love that his dad had/has for him. It is eternal!
So, as the title of this post reads, 30 years has gone by fast, but each of those years have been filled with days that seem to go in slow motion. It's a strange combination, to be sure. But I don't know how else to describe it.
I am confident of my Bro's success in the life he is living now. He always was one to stop and help the injured or anyone in need. I know he comforts those on the other side who need him. He will always be our brother and I find strength in his example.
I just miss him.


  1. Oh Joe, I never knew that. I am so sorry. It really does suck and I can only imagine how much you must miss him. Thank you for sharing that. I never knew that you had lost a brother. I'm sure that he and my Mom are watching over us! Love ya.

  2. Heather,
    Your mom and my brother were very good friends. Judy attended his funeral with Karen.
    I know that John was one of the multitude that greeted your mom on the other side.
    Love you guys!!!

  3. Time is strange indeed, isn't it? Each month that passes since my Mom has died feels like a year, and yet I know that when we look back on it years from now we will wonder where the time has gone. I know my Mom is close and part of our lives still, just as John is. Love you!

  4. I can't believe it's been 30 years. You are so wonderful to still think and pray for his family. I'm sure they will always feel that eternal love from their dad. Thanks Joe!

  5. Karen - Missed you guys also on the 5th! So sad that we couldn't make it. Brad and Sher said that your family was darling and couldn't stop talking about cute Nathan. Miss you guys and look forward when we see you all - in the meantime I'll look forward to your posts :) Send my love to your cute fam!