Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kids and Carnivals

Nathan at the top of the slide  at his school carnival
 Nate pretending like he's on "WIPE-OUT"
Ashley getting her face painted
My rebel-since everyone there will probably go to Oly!

This was another one of Nathans incentives for going to school.  Every 
day he'd go he received a dollar.  He had exactly $15 and that's how much
it cost to get an activity pass for all the rides, games and food!

Ashley did NOT want to go with us but ended up having  fun 
and had her hair sprayed red and blue also.
It was cute to see all the 6th grade girls (and some boys) say "Hi Nathan" and  
then these younger girls would come up to him and ask him for
his autograph.  Then they would hold out their hands, palms
side up and he would trace his name on their palm, while they proceeded to
Next up on our incentive list, ZOO DAY is Tuesday at school and then
pajama party on Friday, we'll keep 

 (By the way, I finally figured out how to upload my pics, thank you Annie!)

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  1. Thank goodness for bribery!!! I'm glad that you all had so much fun! I love that Nathan is a celebrity!