Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Sister Post"

Ashley came home the other day from Seminary all excited and said "guess what?  I've been called on a
mission, to the Salvador Brazil mission!"  It's Missionary Week at Highland and you have to understand-
Ashley has ALWAYS wanted to go on a mission.
I told her that her Uncle Kevin had gone to the Rio de Janero  mission and then we showed her where it
was at.  She has had 3 girl cousins go on missions (Michelle, Kristie, and Kellie) and of course her sister,

Some of the requirements for this mission are to:
-Arise by 6:30 a.m. (no problem for her , except for this Sat. and Sunday, we'll see how she does)
-Go to bed by 10:30 p.m.  (she did have a concern about this since she normally goes to bed at 8:30, so
                                         she wanted to know if she had to STAY UP until 10:30)
-Personal prayer in the morning and night
-Personal scripture study for at least 30 minutes  (this isn't too hard since she CAN'T watch T.V., this is
                                                                         quite a challenge, she is going thru withdrawls!)
-No radio except 89.1  (she said ("I don't want to listen to the music Joe listens to!" )
-Only listen to church produced or classical music (this has actually been great and very calming around
                                                                             the house)
-Do your own laundry (once per week) she has never done this so this should be interesting!
-Write a letter to a missionary (one per day)
-Prepare and cook dinner for your family (twice per week) she has helped before but this will be a good
                                                                experience for her

She has really been trying to be compliant although today has been hard because we are all home sick so
she has watched a little T.V.  Ashley really hopes someday that she can go on a mission and last week
in her drama class she demonstrated what she was really made of.  After several of the kids in the class
had continued to use the Lord's name in vain, she finally spoke up and asked them not to do that in front
of her.  One of the girls asked her " What, do you Mormons not swear either?" and Ashley said "I try not
to."  We are really proud of her for standing up for herself and her beliefs, especially when she already feels like she doesn't fit in because of her disability.



  1. Ashley is such a neat girl, and good for her for standing up for her beliefs- that's the best way to be a missionary. Sorry to hear that you guys have sickness at your house. Maybe if the weather would warm up we could all get feeling better and get some fresh air and sunshine!

  2. I totally forgot about Missionary week! Good for Ashley for wanting to be compliant (I definitely couldn't :) That is awesome that she stood up to her classmates too. My coworkers used to swear but now if anything slips they'll yell from their cubicle, "I'm sorry Noelle!!" It's amazing what people will do if you just ask them or let them know that it bothers you. Go Ashley!

  3. Way to go Ash! I'm proud of you! I can't imagine doing something like that EVEN NOW! I think that Ashley is a very special girl and has so much to offer! I'm sure she would be a great missionary!!!

  4. well done ashley! I too had forgotten about missionary week-what a great thing!

  5. AAGGHH! When did she grow up??! Seminary, already?? I still remember visiting her at the hospital when she was born... it feels like only a short while ago.

    In spite of making me feel very old, your family is beautiful and it's fun to see them all growing up into such great young adults.